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Western Switzerland International Semester

Dernière mise à jour le 28 novembre 2019

Let Switzerland surprise you!

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is known around the world for its excellent school system and multilingual heritage. It is therefore a natural choice for teaching-degree students across Europe to hone their skills in a multicultural setting. This is the aim of our Western Switzerland International Semester (WESIS) programme, which is designed for European students. The programme – taught entirely in English – will start in 2021 and is being sponsored by two teacher training colleges recognised for their excellence and engagement.


WESIS is a 12-week programme (comprising both classwork and an internship) that allows you to obtain 30 ECTS credits. During the semester, you will:

  • Get personalised instruction thanks to the small class size (20 students max)
  • Dig into key topics for your future teaching career (such as intercultural environments, inclusive schooling, new technology and teaching innovation), based on the programme instructors’ own research and experience
  • Learn through a variety of methods, such as interactive discussions, role play and discussions with other students
  • Get on-site experience at a Swiss or international school
  • Enhance your language skills in French

Practical information and prerequisites

You can get financial support from the Swiss government. Reasonably priced housing may be available in a student dormitory near the programme site.

  • When? Spring semester (February to May)
  • How? Apply by 30 June of the preceding year

To apply, you must have:

  • Completed at least two semesters of a university-level teacher degree programme
  • At least a B2 level of English
  • Obtained approval (through a learning agreement) from your home university
Soledad Soldevila
Exchanges and Mobility Projects Coordinator
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